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CitiCans Inc. provides portable his and hers toilet facility rentals for events, social gatherings, oilfield and construction sites, and more.


CitiCans Inc. is a locally owned and operated company serving Medicine Hat, Alberta and area with portable trailer mounted toilet facilities.

Our units are fully portable and equipped with a his and hers portapotty units, as well as a two yard garbage bin. For oilfield and construction sites, each unit comes equipped with a windsock making for a great muster point.

All CitiCans Inc. units come mounted on a trailer and ready to go wherever you have an event, job site and more. Jacks on each corner keep the units very stable and dumps and cleans are provided as necessary. Also available are stand alone portapotty/units and hand wash stations, all prices are competitive.

Check our Rates below and Contact CitiCans Inc. for availability.



Whether you have an upcoming event, remote oilfield site, or construction job site, CitiCans Inc. has portable facilities loaded up and ready to go for you today. Call for availability or more info and to schedule a rental today.
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CitiCans Inc. provides affordable and competitive rates and offers easy, no hassle, portable toilet facility rentals



All of our units are portable and mounted on trailers with jacks on all corners for great stability.


All units are clean and ready to go with his and her portable toilets, a 2 yard garbage bin, and windsock making for a great muster point.

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Contact CitiCans Inc. today @ 403-529-7737 to inquire about availability or for more information.


What's Included

All units are equipped with his and hers portable toilets, cleaned and dumped as necessary, a 2 yard garbage bin, and windsock mounted on a trailer.

Please call for rates

$325 / week | $1200 / month


To ensure availability for your event or job site call CitiCans Inc. today @ 403-529-7737 or leave your information and message in the contact form below.

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